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Dark chocolate brazils

Low carb chocolate brazils

Rich dark chocolate flavoured with orange and encasing a single brazil. Low carb and a perfect stand-by snack. Keep a little pot of these in the fridge. Less than 5g net carbs for the entire lot!

25g dark chocolate (one of the single bars in Aldi and Sainsbury’s five pack)

50g brazil nuts (about 12 nuts)

1/2 tsp orange essence

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and stir in the orange essence. Throw in the brazil nuts and stir around a bit, before scooping out and allowing to drain on a wire rack until cool. Decorate with any left-over melted chocolate.

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Low carb granola

Delicious low carb granola

Breakfast cereal is one of the things that is apparently irreplaceable on a low carb diet but this granola is way tastier than anything shop-bought. You could have it with some almond or soya milk to replace your cornflakes, but I think it comes into its own with some full-fat greek yogurt and fresh berries. This recipe serves four as a yogurt topping. Continue reading Low carb granola

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Savoy and lardons (no pasta or courgetti in sight)

Savoy cabbage and lardons with roasted cod

The marvellous alternative to spaghetti. Pasta and bacon lardons always used to be my cheap and cheerful weekday meal. It was even enjoyed by the children’s friends – no mean feat to find something loved by all! Going low carb meant giving up the pasta but it really hasn’t been hard to find an alternative – any veg works, particularly the dark, leafy greens that are so good for us.

Continue reading Savoy and lardons (no pasta or courgetti in sight)

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Low carb chocolate ganache tart

The perfect low carb chocolate tart – rich, elegant and satisfying. This is one of those desserts which made me sad in restaurants. It always looked so amazing and yet of course the amount of wheat and sugar it contains made it a guilty pleasure.

But it turns out that with a few tweaks, we can make our own and it tastes every bit as good. Continue reading Low carb chocolate ganache tart