Cutting my carbohydrate intake has changed my life. I’m not given to dramatic flourishes but honestly, I can think of no other single choice I’ve made which has had a greater impact, save the decision to become a parent.

Five years ago I believed:

    • It was normal to want to eat every couple of hours.
    • It was normal to be tired after a big meal.
    • It was normal to suffer from PMS.
    • It was normal to battle to get/stay slim.
    • It was normal to put on a few pounds (stone) as a new mum.
    • It was normal to always be thirsty.
    • It was normal to be overwhelmed by food cravings.
    • It was normal to wake hating yourself for yesterday’s food decisions.
    • It was normal to panic when you put on weight.
    • It was normal to accept a thickening waistline as you aged.
    • It was normal to expect a future riddled with Western diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

But five years ago I began tentative changes to my diet, taking on board various scientific revelations. During that time, science has (re)discovered that processed sugar isn’t the benign temptation it was cracked up to be. More recently, research has proven that saturated fat is not the evil it once was. And the media even occasionally announces that low fat diets don’t work.

As the scientists were busy debunking all my fundamental beliefs, I embarked on my own journey of discovery through trial and error. In fact, researchers are still doing their bit to back up my own findings (although I do wish the NHS and the supermarkets would catch up a bit.) But even without their support, after five years of high-tech food experiments with carbohydrates, fats and proteins,* I can speak with 100% conviction:


Many of my friends and family have joined me and advised me as I navigated these low carb minefields and it’s been a bit of a long-winded route.** I knew how to make a sponge cake with flour, sugar and jam but take away those three ingredients and, quite frankly, I was lost.

In fact, I reckon five years is way too long to waste making mistakes with xanthan gum and coconut flour. So here we are: tips, tools and hacks for all of us who want a new Normal. My vision is that in another five years, this will simply be how we all eat – and achieve happiness, health and balance at the same time.




*Oh, okay then, eating.

**Sweeteners. Flippin’ complicated. No need.

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